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Why do I support Covenant House?   News
Now is time for action to help our homeless youth!   I am humbled and privileged
    to serve on the International
On any given day there are more than 600,000 people with no place to live and one in 45 children experience homelessness each year- that’s 1.6 million kids. And when you think of youth who literally have been abused (physically and/or mentally), rejected, and victimized it makes you want to throw your hands up and say “No more!”
  Board of Directors of Covenant
  House - the wonderful organization
  which helps, shelters, offers many
  services to homeless youth through
  its chapters here in the US, as well
    as in Canada and Latin America.
I can’t wait anymore, so throughout the year I work in various ways to support out kids. To help, I hope you will make a donation to Covenant House in support of our youth.   It’s an organization that helps young
  homeless people who are in crisis.
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Please consider donating one dollar a day for one month (or $30 in total) in honor of the first 30 days of Crisis Care for a homeless teen. I am seeking 300 people committed to donating $30 each to help reach a donation goal of $9,000.  

This is what $30 can provide a kid at Covenant House:

= 3 days of food (3 hot meals and a snack)    
= a new winter coat or new clean clothes    
= a new set of bedding and pillow    
If you feel you can donate more than $30…    
+ $50 = 3 nutritious meals for 1 youth for 1 week    
+ $100 = 24 hour crisis care for 1 youth for 1 day    
+ $300 = Urgent medical care    
(many of our kids come to us in need of urgent or specialized medical care)    
+ $500 = a Holiday meal for all of the youth in a shelter who have no where to go    
+ $1,000 = Furnish a safe, clean, comfortable bedroom at Covenant House    
I will be deeply grateful for every cent that is collected. In this small way, let’s help eliminate homelessness and abolish the abuse and discrimination so many of our youth experience.    
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